MrBeast sues ghost kitchen partner over unacceptable burgers

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The big picture: Jimmy Donaldson, better known by his YouTube persona MrBeast, launched a virtual restaurant chain in partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts in 2020. MrBeast Burger operates out of existing kitchens, enabling restaurants to create a new revenue stream without impacting their normal business. The ghost kitchen concept allowed MrBeast Burger to expand rapidly without having to physically build its own restaurants. Donaldson hoped the burger franchise would help build his brand but according to a recent lawsuit, the partnership has had the opposite effect.

Donaldson's suit against Virtual Dining Concepts alleges breach of contract, and he is asking a judge to terminate his contract. Things went smoothly at first - they sold a million burgers in the first three months and had 1,700 partner restaurants by 2022 - but it didn't take long before quality took a sharp turn south.

According to the complaint, Virtual Dining Concepts is more interested in rapid expansion in order to pitch its concept to other celebrities than providing delicious food. Donaldson highlighted several negative reviews from upset customers, who described the food as "disgusting," inedible," and "revolting." Donaldson said his complains to the company "fell on deaf ears."

MrBeast said his partner also used his image on social media without his permission, and registered trademarks they had no rights to. Worse yet, Donaldson said he has not received any money from the venture.

It is not terribly surprising that MrBeast Burger ended up in this situation. In fact, I'd be more surprised if the venture had been a success. Anyone can make a burger and fries, but everyone does it differently. A burger from a burger joint isn't going to taste the same as one made by a Mexican restaurant. In the food services industry, consistency is everything.

Furthermore, ghost kitchens aren't public-facing meaning their name isn't attached to the final product. Do they really care if the food they put out isn't the best it can be? And in a pinch, can you guess which side of the kitchen is going to get neglected first?

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Does he have a breathing problem? Is it contagious?

Because he's always airing out his teeth and when I open YT on a computer I'm not logged into the suggested vid thumbnails it shows are this guy's open mouth at least twice, and additionally other YTers with similar lockjaw/breathing conditions.

Maybe they're all singing? I don't want to hear that so I don't click.
Every time YT offers me a video that has no meaningful content coupled with some fool looking at something blindingly obvious with a huge look of amazement - I just hit the don't recommend this site option. Sometimes just the huge look of amazement is enough. Hopefully, if enough of us do this, then these folk will have to get the burger jobs that they really deserve.
MrBeast has the oddest videos, they all seem to be "I spent $1 million in 24 hours" or the like. It's odd, he makes money through youtube by blowing money, giving away money, and so on.

Not surprised people would have trouble having random kitchens make their recipes. I mean, you have a kitchen that should make burgers, then a cake, then maybe some chinese food, then a salad, then cupcakes? I doubt any restaurant is good at making that wide a variety of items. Oddly, when I looked to see where the nearest place is here, it's a Perkins! Did not expect an already existing sit-down restaurant to take part in a service like this. They do know how to run a grill there so (whether the "house seasoning" is actually good or not), I imagine the burgers from there would come out how they're supposed to.
MrBeast has the oddest videos, they all seem to be "I spent $1 million in 24 hours" or the like. It's odd, he makes money through youtube by blowing money, giving away money, and so on.
Just goes to show how little I know about anything going out on there when it comes to sites like Youtube or anything social media because I had no idea who/what "MrBeast" was until this article came out.

What I really take out of all of this is how sad I find it that people are willing supporting these stupid people on these sites to a point where they make millions and millions of dollars by doing nothing, that I can tell, is actually beneficial to society. I don't know who I pity more, those people supporting someone like MrBeast or people like MrBeast.