MS Baseline Security Analyzer, scan results.

By Dayus
Jul 27, 2004
  1. Hello Everyone :)

    Im new to this forum, so be gentle :)

    Anyway, recently ran MSBSA and came up with some results i didn't quite understand. Everything it check was ok, except for MSXML Security Updates (which had a yellow X in the score colume) & Windows Security Updates (which had a blue asterisk)

    It said that MSXML 3.0 needed updateing to SP4, but what is msxml ? & Windows Security Updates needed the following updates: MS03-008 (814078) , MS03-030 (819696) , MS03-051 (813360) , MS04-016 (839643) However when i go to the Windows Update site and scan for any updates my machine may need, it says i don't need any updates. Whats going one ?

  2. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Posts: 616

    MSBSA detects files which may be outdated, despite the patch setup. In this case, you need to rerun the installers mentioned in the bulletins above. The patches may have been installed once, but MS's other patches sometimes overwrite files, etc. The MS KB number is usually the one in the parenthesees.. You can generally find those on the web in the format of: (replace the number signs)

    As far as MS XML goes, that is a product which provides extendible applications for stuff like OMA, mobile exchange access, web browsers, etc. It provides front page extensions, OWA/Sharepoint services, quite a few things now that I think about it, but I really don't use them much.;en-us;308480&Product=msxml

    Contains XML 3.0 SP4. I'd suggest moving to XML 4.0 SP2 if your OS will support it, it's my understanding it has a few fundamental security changes which are improvements over the 3.0 schema.

    Hope this helps. And Welcome to Techspot!
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