msExchange 2000 Server

By cromrell
Jul 18, 2003
  1. I'm in the process of installing Exchange 2000 server. I'm wondering if anyone out there is currently supporting exchange, or has experience deploying it.

    Q1: Can I have a single machine host POP3 & Exchange email services?

    Q2: Any recommendations for hardware (RAM, HD, Processor) -thinking of picking up a DELL PowerEdge on eBay with exisiting DELL support... (only 10 CAL/user traffic), SCSI & RAID1 mirror I assume.

    Q3: How do I configure my domain to re-direct emails to my new box (I'm not currently hosting any web pages or email servers even though we have dedicated T1 in the office) I assume this is the same process to host my own web site, as it is for email. Do I need to setup my own name servers?

    Q4: Any suggestions for remote access? Use the web interface vs. port forwarding on my router?

    Thanks for your thoughts, recomended books, or links to articles your aware of.

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