MSI and Gigabyte in merger talks

By Julio Franco
Apr 30, 2003
  1. Another rumour today coming from the same source, manufacturing giants MSI and Gigabyte would supposedly be in early stages of merger conversations. MSI has denied the rumours already but of course, why would they comment until a more finalized decision is taken, ASUS and ECS beware...

    A merger would make some sense as Gigabyte is big in the channel and retail business and at selling ATI graphics cards, MSI is an Nvidia premium partner and resells to companies including Creative.

    MSI is also very strong in the system integrator and OEM business, an area where Gigabyte is much weaker.
  2. spun_1

    spun_1 TS Rookie Posts: 41

    Its funny how some people can bring up news about nvidia and ati in the same sentence and not have half the forum beat you down.
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