Mstimewd.dll not valid image? Trojan?

By johnDC
Jul 24, 2008
  1. Hello - I'm running Windows XP and the newest version of Symantic antivirus. About a week I received a Norton notification detecting "Infostealer.Gampass" After quarantining the virus I restarted the computer to do a full virus scan, at which point Norton refused to run a full scan, giving me a one word message “static.” It still had active protection working however, as it detected another virus later “Trojan PSW”

    I uninstalled and reinstalled Symantec antivirus, and went through the 15 step preliminary instructions posted on this forum. The AVG rootkit scan can back negative.

    I now longer receive messages warning of various viruses, but I do receive the following two error messages “The Application or DLL C:\\WINDOWS\System32\mstimewd.dll is not a valid windows image” and ‘kdbswjr.dll not a valid image…

    These seem to pop up anytime I try to install or uninstall anything new, or open any antivirus related software (SS&D, MAB etc). My computer’s also running significantly slower now as well, though that could just be due to the number of new applications I have recently installed.

    I have attached the three requested log files, and would really appreciate some help on how to take care of this, as I'm at a loss!
  2. johnDC

    johnDC TS Rookie Topic Starter

    geez - this was helpful. Thanks for nothing...
  3. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Posts: 3,908

    I wouldn't open a .doc from an infected machine - as it states at the end of the instructions to attach your logs as either .txt or .log files
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