Multiple Monitors?

Joshua Minett

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I am purchasing a MSI GTX 960 Gaming 4G GPU, and I think it has capablilities for 4 monitors to be displayed as a single desktop. If this is true, what cables should I get, and any ideas for decent cheap monitors? My plan is to have three monitors side by side as a single entity, and a fourth on the side as a reference screen (I would prefer this one to be rather small, like 6-8 inch)
Im going for a MSI gtx 960 from EVGA, it is very very fast and it performs great when you overclock it. Also it is very quiet, as the others :)


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There are usually two modes for multiple monitors:
  • Extended mode
  • independent
The controls operate on the video controller and the slots it provides, so with one controller and two slots, the extended mode makes the desktop 2x wide and sliding a window far right will cause it to be on the second monitor.

If not in extended mode, each monitor is totally independent of the other.

With two controllers, each would have unique settings. I've never seen or tried 3x - 4x monitors so can't comment on that setup.