My accounnts are all limited how can i make them admin

By timsco
Jan 21, 2005
  1. Ok here is the Break down.,

    My gf's dad went and tried to limit access to their computer a s apunishment.

    The punishment has been since lifted, and now he accidently removed all usder priveledges from all accounts.

    IE they were all admin, and he removed Admin from his aown account, and he cant see the other ones to log into.

    Is there anyway that you can remake an account when all the accounts are placed into limited or are not accesable.

    Or would it just work to do a system restore to a date when they werent blocked?
  2. Kevin16

    Kevin16 TS Rookie Posts: 92

    There always has to be atleast on Administrator account. During the installation of XP, a password for the "Administrator" account was made. If you dont use the welcome screen, type in Administrator as a user name. If there is no password, there you go. But if there is, ask who ever installed XP
  3. odin673

    odin673 TS Rookie

    If you use the welcome screen boot up in safe mode by spamming F8 as the computer boots. Then log in as administrator. After that you can go to users under Control Panel and change them back to admin. If there is a password on admin there are "other" ways to remove it but I don't know where to find the software online(I have it on a disk).
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