My computer doesn't recognize Nikon D70 camera

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Aug 8, 2010
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  1. My computer (and my husband's)stopped seeing my Nikon D70 camera yesterday.It reads it as a removable disk and asks to format my memory card. I don't want to do that because than I'll loose all the pictures of the portrait session.
    The card reader doesn't see the memory card,and computer suggests me to format it.But I can view the pictures on my camera nad the Demo version of PhotoResque shows me the existing files when I start recovery, but than recovers only the pictures I already deleted a while ago.
    I need the existing pictures on the memory card. How should I get them?
  2. LookinAround

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    1. Are you connecting your camera to computer using a USB cable? Or are you taking the mem card out of the camera and connect it to a card reader on your computer?

    2. Could you try to tell us the exact error message your computer is giving you about the memory card and needing to reformat. (Or better if you could capture a screen shot of the message and attach it)

    3. What recovery program are you currently trying to use?
  3. photoimpressia

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    I did both and I had the same: the computer reads it as a removable disc G. It says: the disc in drive G is not formatted. Do you want to format it now : yes-no. I press no, because I don't want to erase all the files.
    I think that may be one file was written with an error by the camera. But I don't know which one to delete. I really don't want to loose my work.

    Thank you so much for your reply
  4. LookinAround

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    My guess is data corruption on the card so that Windows no longer recognizes a valid filesystem on the card

    Corruption may happen when someone removes a mem card or USB cable without first using the Safely Remove Hardware icon which allows windows to first complete anything its doing with the storage device before its "surprise" removal

    Filesystem / Data Recovery Options
    1. TestDisk (is a freeware tool)
      > TestDisk attempts to find and fix corrupt filesystems to recover your data
      > Never used it myself but the majority (but not all :( ) who've used it have reported success!
    2. PhotoRec (also freeware)
      > PhotoRec focuses on recovering lost Photo and Image files
    3. A couple "Try then Buy" commercial data recovery tools are listed below. I've never used either but
      > Again, many (but not all) post good results after using the two commercial tools listed below
      > The tools report (for free) the names of the files they can find. But you'll need to buy it before it attempts to actually recover those files
      > Note: Finding lost file names is a good start but still doesn't guarantee the results
  5. hughva

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    Photo Rec is included with Test Disk (Look in the Win folder) and will almost certainly do the job if it's possible.
  6. photoimpressia

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    Thank you. Luckily my friend had a PhotoRescue (photo recovery program) and I was able to read and save the files with the help of that program.
    Happy to see that I didn't lose my work and there is always a solution.

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