My computer freezes during a virus scan

By MmmmCookies
Dec 28, 2009
  1. Ok, before anyone gets mad at me for posting something that has already been posted, know that I have checked for so many solutions among posts here and many other sites as well. The problem is that whenever I try to run a virus scan (I do it when SPySweeper recommends it) and for one, it takes a bit to initialize and then when it starts scanning folders and files, it freezes somewhere along the line. I cannot move the mouse nor is the keyboard responsive, so I have to use the power button. (Poor harddrive, I know, I'm sorry x.x). So then, I attempt to reboot in Safe mode by means of F8 when booting, but then when the computer begins labeling all of my drivers or whatever all of those words are, it freezes as well. I hear the hardrive make some noises, like it's reading or something, but no action for a long time. So once again, I must boot it down. I saw some sugestions for HijackThis, so I ran a scan, and also see that it doesn't determine the problem, so, can anyone please read the log and give me the correct steps to rid my PC of this issue? :)
    My specs are:
    Windows XP Service Pack 3
    Pentium 4 PCU 3.06 GHz
    Somewhere around 145GB HDD

    It won't let me post the HijackThis log because this is my first post x.x
  2. estrellita

    estrellita TS Rookie

    Try a different virus scan and post back- your current av may infected or corrupt
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