My computer keeps rebooting!! PLease, somebody help!!

By mirobr
Sep 20, 2006
  1. Hi,

    I recently built a new rig with windows XP SP2. The specs are:

    Core 2 Duo E6600
    P5B Deluxe Wifi
    2 GB DDR2-6400
    Winfast 7900GS
    2 HDD SATA II 320GB in AHCI
    620W PSU

    The instalation went well. I'm not overclocking it. The thing is, my computer keeps rebooting randomnly, and it has been over a week. I have done a couple of things to try to find the cause of it:

    1- updated BIOS.
    2- ran memtest86 twice, each time 12-hour test. There was no error.
    3- ran microsoft standar and extended memory diagnostic. Also, no error found.
    4- reseated memory to different slots and run test again, not one error.
    5- reformatted hard disk and re-installed windows xp sp2.
    6- disabled not used onboard features like second LAN controller, 1394 controller.
    7- updated all drivers.

    Well, I also ran the Prime95 seft-test and this time, it showed a fatal error and pointed to hardware failure. Could this mean that my CPU is the culprit? I am attaching my minidumps and drwatson files. Any help would be appreciated.


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