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"My Computer" Not responding and freezes on Shutdown

By dsjjr
Apr 3, 2007
  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to this thread and I appreciate any advise that I can get. Here's my problem.

    I have a dual boot machine, both os are XP Professional W/Sp2
    One I use to record and work on music, never connect to internet, never ran updates other than sp2.

    the other I use for everything else. This os occasionally freezes when trying to access "My Computer" to access the hard drives, and often freezes on shut down on the "Windows is shutting down" screen. only thing I know is that when it freezes, I can go to the task manager and it says "My computer not responding" and I have to often hit the reset button on the machine, then it's normal after it reboots. I've tried reinstalling the window's software 2 times and both times after a clean install, the same problem...even before I install most of my other software and fully update windows. Here's the catch, it has NEVER happened while logged into the OS that I use to record my music with. I've guessed that maybe one of my 3 hard drives may be failing, but can't find anything to support that, they all seem to be fine. Any recommendations or any further info is greatly apprciated.
  2. diana88

    diana88 TS Rookie

    Recently, i got the same problem, only mine is I can't open any folders in computer including my computer, my document, recycle bin , control panel, etc.

    I can't open my internet explorer so i have to use firefox...
    I also tried to install windows but i knew i made some mistake cause now i have 2 different windows....
    IF i accidentely open those, my computer will freeze and all i can do is open windows task manager ( altctrlf4 ) and then log off ( which take like 1 hour everytime )

    LAST Night, i was just trying to scan all my computer and guess what ? I found about 33 viruses... I mean OMG....well it's mostly just adware, although have 2 or 3 trojans, i guess.... Then i deleted it....

    After that, i restart my comp and guess whattt ???

    EVERYTHING BACK TO NORMALLLLLL...... i CAN use my computer as it is brand new.... I was so happy...

    So, my recommendation is try to scan it... use good scanner..
    I use kasperskay....
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