my dvd-rw not find

By Ghirzishor ยท 6 replies
Oct 28, 2007
  1. i've buyed a dvd-rw ... and when i tried to put it on ... i've place it near my cd-rw (that one that i received with my PC) and i put all the cd-rw wire on it , and i started my PC and it says something like "Boot faild ,enter the cd sistem
    and presse ENTER

    ...and i dont now what to do

    OK...i handle it myself ... but now it don't appear on folder my computer ;i thing i need a driver , but i can't find my model LG GSA-H44N dvd-rw to download

    please ... if u find something please send to my
  2. kiyhkuj

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    sory mate can't send u email but visit this page for support from LG:
    Also visit this page:|opticalstorage|dvdrewriter_PRD|FAQ_faq.jhtml
  3. Ghirzishor

    Ghirzishor TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok...i find another problem

    PRIMARY IDE MASTER :CDROM (and i dont find DVDROM to replace or something with dvd in the word list avaible)
  4. hxblitz

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  5. Ghirzishor

    Ghirzishor TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i CAN'T "3) Right Click DVD Drive (D: )" because my dvd drive its not showed in my computer
  6. Cinders

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    We are not going to use your CD-ROM at the moment, so we can avoid any compatibility issues. Ok, You need to turn your computer off and open the side door. Now unplug the ribbon cable and the power cable from the old CD-ROM. Make sure the new drive is set as master and is plugged in at the ribbon cable and at the power cable. Also check the ribbon cable at the motherboard to make sure it's still in place. Boot your machine.

    Now we are going to add your CD-ROM back onto your computer. You need to powerdown your machine and revisit your CD-ROM. Make sure it's set to slave and reattach the ribbon and power cables. Boot your machine.

    The problem right now is you probably have both drives set as master.
  7. Ghirzishor

    Ghirzishor TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hmm... the ribbon cable it is that one witde cable?

    and i wanna replease the existing cd-rw with my new dvd-rw


    i put my cd-rw cables to my dvd-rw drive (and to my dvd-rw drive i put a jumper from master to slave)

    and i started my pc and i realised my computer doesn't read my dvd
    i need a driver for my drive or in bios is something set up rong?(like my primary ,secondary , third bootables)
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