My first system was Atari (not much since)

By RangerXP
Nov 14, 2007
  1. Had an Xbox a few years ago, sold it because taking up too much time. Now, I want to play a few games online (Quake Wars for example). I am so ignorant of computers that I didn't know I dont' have the correct graphics card until I tried to load the game (I'm not kidding). Sooo, I have the following computer and would like to do the minimum to upgrade it to allow me to play online without glitches or what I call (stop and go game playing). I would love to play Crysis but know that is out of reach. Money-wise, I'm not rich but I can afford most any of the cards but $300 (US) would probably be my limit.

    I have HP Pavillion 504GR with same set-up as the post: for vb/all/windows/t-61751-Counter-StrikeSource-Choppy-Gameplay.html[/url]

    Any help or suggestions is appreciated and sorry for what I don't know, I promise I'm not an *****.

  2. Tmagic650

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    I have HP Pavillion 504GR with same set-up as the post: for vb/all/windows/t-61751-Counter-StrikeSource-Choppy-Gameplay.html[/url]...

    Forget the link. It is not posted correctly. What is your HP's setup? And your posts title should be something more like "Video Card Help"

    Take a moment and read this thread:
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