???My LAptop Crisis RH9 Install Cd or Floppy nither work???

By j4m32
Jan 1, 2005
  1. hi,

    im not too new to linux i have messed my main pc up twice with it and enjoyed it too! it was dual boot once with mandrake then red hat i think then SuSE :blackeye:

    laptop spec:
    4gb hdd (maybe 4.2):
    2 - Windows - one 800mb other 750mb - 1.55GB
    3 - linux - SuSE 9.1 Personal - 1 boot(/Boot) 100mb 2 swap () ? (cant remember it is not 900 mb) file 3 root (/) 1.40 GB

    my laptop is HOPELESS:
    + my RH9 CD 1 is Fresh and perfect it works in my main pc (Desktop)
    - it cannot be read in my laptop (no it is not a multi session CDR or CDRW)
    - it cannot be read in win ME (on my laptop Either)

    1.so i tryed a RH9 boot flopit botted up fine but cannot detect the cd i know there are cd driver floppy inmages on the RH9 CD1 but i cant initialise them i dont know how to?

    2. should i format my partitions except for the boot so i can still get in to Win ME?

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