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Hi all.
First post here and it a pc is over 4 yrs old running at 755mghz.
I know ****all about motherboards and cpu`s so do you think i should get a new board and bigger cpu or should i just get the bigger cpu???
Thanks in advance.


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Well there are a few things to consider while making this decision. First off, if you are fine with the performance of your current computer, then I don't see a need to update it and spend the money. But if you are looking for something a little faster or newer, then I would definately look into updating.
If you are interested in updating it, we will need more information on what type of motherboard you have, to see how fast of a processor it can take. But if it is 4 years old I am thinking you might need to get a new motherboard and CPU.
Post back with your system specs, or fill them out in your proflie


all i can see on my moboard is...MS 6334 in white writing.
Is this the name? and where can i find the website of the manufacturer?


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MS 6334 is your mobo's model name. Its an MSI board from the model name MS.

The manufacturer's site is I failed to find your motherboard in their side but got hold of pdf doc of your mobo manual elsewhere.
1.1 Mainboard Features

l Support Socket 370 for Intel ® Celeron TM/ Pentium III(FC-PGA) processor
l Support 500MHz, 550MHz, 600MHz, 633MHz, 667MHz and up to 9XX
l Intel ® 815 chipset. (544 BGA)
- AGP 4x/2x/1x universal slot
- Support 66/100/133MHz FSB
l Intel ® ICH chipset.
- AC’97 Controller Integrated
- 2 full IDE channels, up to ATA66
- Low pin count interface for Winbond SIO
Main Memory
l Supports up to 3 double sided DIMMs at 100 MHZ system memory bus.
l Supports up to 2 double sided or 3 single sided DIMMs at 133MHz
system memory bus.
l Support 32 to 512MB using 16/64/128/256Mbit technology.
l One CNR(Communication Network Riser).
l One AGP(Accelerated Graphics Port) 4x/2x/1x slot.
l Three PCI 2.2 32-bit Master PCI Bus slots.
l Support 3.3v/5v PCI bus Interface.
On-Board IDE
l An IDE controller on the ICH chipset provides IDE HDD/CD-ROM with
PIO, Bus Master and Ultra DMA66 operation modes.
l Can connect up to four IDE devices.
You won't be able to fit a Pentium 4 chip on to the motherboard as the socket is of different type. Your mobo is capable of only supporting PC133 and PC100 Rams only.

Like what poertner said earlier on, if you are into serious perfomance, get a new cpu, a mobo and ram as well.


Blimey !!! You lads dont hang about do you?
Thanks for the info.
I guess ill get a new board and chip and some memory.
Whats a good but cheap option?
I dont want a mega computer like the one in War Games but i do want to run things like FAR CRY/UNREAL2004.


Right then,just been to local pc shop and for a new board,2.4athleon chip,ddr memory and fitting...£207.00p.
Will get them next week.HOORAHHH.


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If you want to play FarCry you may wanna look into an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. I have one @ 3.0Ghz and it's 30fps at full settings (with AA).


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I have to agree with young&wild - but the difference is that a better motherboard/ram will be needed - if some computer shop are doing the upgrade on the cheap then they might have bundled in cheap mobo/ram......then again for £200.....should be good quality stuff

It might be worth asking if you can have a 2500+ Barton 93%...if you havent already put the order in

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