My new laptop won't play video clips

By Tamms'
Dec 5, 2012
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  1. Hiya, I've recently bought a new laptop. its a samsung core i5 with 4.00 GB of RAM. I've purchased and installed kaspersky internet security and updated to google chrome, thinking videos weren't playing coz the software wasnt upto date enough or whatever. I am extremely computer illiterit though I've tried a few things.. No clips on youtube or google will play for me, they have sound, though it is a little distorted.. but no picture. colourful static dances about the video window instead of any logical forms and I'm over it! if anyone has any advice to swing me itd be greatly appreciated.. I tried playing a dvd in my cd drive and that played fine.. which made me figure that the problem mustnt be with the computer itself but more likely with the internet connection.. ? or possibly the rerouter I bought to plug into our modem.. ? hmm. yeah. problems problems.. :) not ideal. help is most welcome! :D
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  3. Tamms'

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    No not to my knowledge. I'll check it out :) thank you!

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