My Old Pentium II Won't Recognize A PCI TV card.

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Dec 27, 2007
  1. I bought a Philips 7130 PCI TV card. It works fine on my other Pentium 4 PC I use regularly. I couldn't carry the PC with me so I took everything I was going to need: hard disk, DVD drive and the TV card. The other two work fine, but the TV card isn't even recognized by the system, it's not there in device manager though it's firmly inserted into the mobo. The PC specs are: Intel Pentium II 398 mhz, 128 mb sdram, Seagate 6.4 gb hdd, ATI Rage Pro 4 mb, Windows XP Pro SP 1 (it's magically slow). Why can't the TV card be recognized by the system?
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    I doubt that the card is made by Philips. It probably uses a Philips TV chip, but was made by some noname Chinese crap factory.

    Try the card in some other PCI slot? The slot you are using now may be bad or has an IRQ conflict. In BIOS, disable all devices you are not using (parallel ports, serial ports, VGA IRQ).

    Try with all other PCI devices removed (keep the video card of course).

    If it's a crap noname card, then it could be keyed wrong and fit in a 5V slot while 3.3V is required.
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    PCI TV Card Doesn't Work

    Yes, you're right, it's manufactured by Chinese company. It has the name Chuang Rui. I removed the the NIC card(it is working fine) and replaced it with the TV card but the system didn't recognise it . By the way the PCI devices are connected to OISA 2CMB 2PCI RISER. I disabled all the other devices in the BIOS but it's still not recognised by the system. Could it be the BIOS? The mobo is a Compaq 0400h. I've searched for BIOS updates on the Compaq website but all that I've found there are incompatible with my mobo. How do I check the amount of power used by the TV card? I'm almost giving up on getting to watch TV and listening to the radio on this computer. Thanks.
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    The power draw of that card is not something that would be over the capabilities of your system. The PCi standard specifies how much power a device can draw from the slot and all motherboards must be able to supply that.

    Are you sure the cards is firmly seated in the slot? Sometimes the backplate of a PCI card is at an angle so that when you screw it to the case, it makes the card tilt in the slot.

    Have you tried the card in your P4 system after putting it in the P2? Maybe the thing died somewhere in the process of moving it from one computer to the other? (You did unplug the computers before doing anything inside? And you did unplug the computer before connectiong the RF cable?)

    Does the system BIOS report the TV tuner card? It should be listed as multimedia something (if you get a PCI device listing at all).
  5. kimboy

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    PCI TV Card Doesn't Work On Pentium II

    I've tried the TV card on the P4 and it works fine. In the BIOS the card is not present. I've firmly inserted the card in the slot. Let me upgrade the BIOS and then maybe it'll work. Thanks.
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