My Samsung screen s24d330 won’t show my computer screen flashes from analog to hdmi

I’ve recently moved into a new home, tried to turn my computer on but my screen won’t show my computer screen just flashes from
HDMI to analog and then goes into standby. I used to have to click my mouse a few times and it would go onto computer screen but my mouse and keypad is wireless so I can’t use them until I can connect them with the new WiFi in this house but I can’t do that until my computer screen works! Any tips on how I can get it to show my computer?


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It's not receiving a HMDI signal from the computer, so double-check all of the cable connections. Make sure that they're firmly clicked into the TV and computer sockets.

If your computer has a graphics card inside it, make sure that the card hasn't come loose during the house move.

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