My Sony Vaio won't turn on

By riverac · 6 replies
Mar 21, 2006
  1. My Sony Vaio won't turn on... HELP!!!!!

    2 nights ago I was playing a game on my laptop (Sony Vaio v505-dx) when I noticed it was getting really hot. I also had it next to a blanket and Im sure the fan wasnt letting out enough air. Anyway, i decided to let it cool down so I shut off the game and shut off my computer. The next morning it wouldnt turn on. i tried everything sony said I should do and nothing.
    My problem is that Im in italy and have no way of getting this somewhere to be fixed. I'll be here for another 2 months and really need my comp.
    There's more.
    The light for the adapter comes on but not the computer light to say it is charging. Im not sure whether i turned it off that night or put it on stand by, which ive been doing a lot. In the past month, sometimes I put it on stand by and find, the next morning, that i have to press the power button to turn it on. Then when everything turns on it says it has just recovered from a serious problem. I cant send those messages out because it was very hard for me to get it connected to the internet.
    I have never had a problem like this before. I have been surfing the web and apparently, sony has problems with over heating and usually computers turn on for a moment and then shut off after 2-5 mins. Mine wont even turn on or show that its recieving power. Before this, i have had to replace my charger because with the last one I would have to fiddle around with the cord until it gave my comp power (pressing it up or down or sideways etc.) I was beginning to experience the same problems with this cord.

    I think these may be the problems but dont know how to find out if im right.
    -the power cord may be busted and my comp got drained of power the night before and has no power.
    -My battery may be dead... however, Ive had this laptop for 2 years and I dont think that might be the problem, but I dont know the symptoms of that.
    -My comp is fried. I had been using the comp the same way for about 2 weeks before it happened, so i dont know if it couldve eventually fried or if its not possible. i used to use a converter, but saw that no one at my school used one, they just plugged their comps into the wall with a different, smaller plug so I did the same and it was working just the same for 2 weeks or maybe less.

    I dont know what else it could be. I really need help because I cant send it home to be checked and I dont think I trust getting it checked out over here...

  2. fimbles

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    When you say you used a convertor for the wall socket.. did you check the voltages for italy and your pc were compatible? most have a small voltage selector somewhere.. if so its quite possible you have been slowly cooking your computer with the wrong voltage..

    Hope this aint the case.

    Good luck. :)
  3. riverac

    riverac TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Umm... my charger has this little attached box thing that says 110-240 and I believe the voltage is 220 in italy.
    how would I know it was fried... would it smell different?

    My friend is planning to open it up today just to take a look at it (he knows comps well). Is there any way to see that its fried?

    Thanks for the help!!!
  4. Peddant

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    1.Nobody knows where your from or what you mean by "home".

    2.Italy is a civilized democratic country.It has running water,electricity and even.....computers.
    You have as much chance of getting your Japanese laptop fixed there as anywhere else.

    3.As for the problem,If you`ve tried all the usual things (Starting without the battery,Starting without the power cord
    Removing the power cord and pressing the power button for ten seconds) then getting someone to fix/diagnose might be the only option.
  5. riverac

    riverac TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Im very sorry for not being as accurate as you may have liked. Let me clarify.

    I am from the United States.

    As far as getting it fixed over here, I havent looked at that option since I would prefer to bring it to Sony directly, as opposed to some random computer place. If i take it to some computer place and they make it worst, Sony may charge me more for fixing it, and since I dont know of a Sony in Italy, what now do you suggest?

    I thought I might have smelled something different, but I could just be reaching. Also, people tell me when they fry their comps the smell is strong and there might be smoke and the computer begins to act funny. None of this happened.
  6. PC Clinic UK

    PC Clinic UK TS Rookie

    Possible DC Socket

    It sounds to me like you may have a faulty DC Socket.
    If you say that your laptop was playing up when you wiggled your power lead then the connection from the lead to the board may have broken.
    To repair this you need to remove the laptop motherboard and obtain the right DC Socket to re solder on to the board after removing the old one.
    I repair these quite a lot and its the main failure on most laptops.
    You should be looking at a repair which will cost £80-£120 depending on the socket required.
    I am not sure but I reckon that works out at about $154-$230.
    When I repair a laptop I first do an system check, where I charge the first £40 before any other work is done, this is for the 1-2 hours for stripping the laptop down.
    If the damage is too bad, then thats all our customers pay.
    However we do show our customers the damage and the work done before any payment is taken.
    PC Clinic
  7. laptopfx

    laptopfx TS Rookie

    You should know that most, not all Sony Vaios have cabled jack. DC jack connects to a separate powerboard via cable, not soldered to the board. That jack disconnects from that board; I have found that these jacks are usually not the problem, and these powerboards are bad;
    visit Forum made for bad laptops that won't turn on.
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