My WLAN doesn't work

By bielius
Jun 10, 2010
  1. Hello :)

    WEll i have a little problem(* VERY big) which is very annoying. My father has bought a new speed line for our house, 16 mbit. Then it turned out that our house is too far and they can only make our internet like 1.6 mbit... Okay. So yesterday they *I think* turned off our internet, to make it a better one. Then they just left us with the same speed. But the problem is, that my WLAN doesn't work. I cannot connect to my router with my both laptops. Though my PC is connected to the router by a wire and works like a charm. I have a SpeedTouch ST780WLT modem by Telenor. I rung (rang, what ever ) to the service of telenor, but they did not helped me by anything. And the service working time has closed before 10 minutes, and will only open tomorrow, and i do need the internet today badly :( So is there any way to turn my WLAN on so it will work? The lamp lights, looks like everything works, but it doesn't... thanks for any help! and ask me for any details i have missed.
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    Now i have another problem... I've managed to get my Sony laptop with Windows 7 connect to the WLAN, setting to WEP and shared. But on my other laptop, with Windows XP, that doesn't connect to the WLAN, thought i have set the same settings as in the windows 7 laptop. IS there anything i miss to enter? The code is right, i know that...

    THanks for any further help :>
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