myspace problems

By k2theizzle4eva
Feb 4, 2007
  1. for some reason, just on my computer, i cannot get to it takes forever to load and then it says 'cannot find server.' i tried getting rid of internet explorer 7.0 because i was already having problems with that but it didnt work. the other weird thing is that i can type in someone URL to myspace like '' and i can see their front page but that's it. also i have had my friend try to log into my account and they can't get on. it's extremely frustrating because i don't know if someone has hacked into my account or what? how can i fix this???!
  2. SexyB

    SexyB TS Rookie


    I understand completely. I mean, I can log on to any other sites such as yahoo and blackplanet, but myspace is just giving me the hardest time. I wonder will the problem be resolved anytime soon? I know that some of my other friends have access to the site, but a couple of us don't.
  3. bkarre

    bkarre TS Rookie

    Hey guys/gals. Here is my deal maybe you can help... I can not log in to myspace..just like you. But in addition I can not send or delete messages from my yahoo account, or my lotus notes accounts. I can do all of the above from my college computers just not any I have at my house... does that make any sense to anyone? If you can help I would appreciate it. I have already tried messing with my security settings, resorting back to IE6 and I have had no luck... ANY HELP
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