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Nec versa rxi 750 help

By jcstuckinmuck
Feb 15, 2008
  1. Hi i have a nec versa rxi which i brought on ebay it is odd, as the is no mention of it on the nec website, the machine will not post dead screen,even no output to external monitor it has no hard drive at the mo, i can switch it on from the battery or mains and the power light comes on and the the dvd,key caps num lock, flash breifly the the hard drive light stays on, i dont hear any bleeps, but if i put dvd in in or and disk it reads it show by the dvd light at the top of the keyboard and goes out, it has no memory either but i have tried filling both slots(apparently from memory suppliers brief discription on the web the first base memory has 128mb non removeable and appearently one slot for another 128 mb, but one of the slots is aback to front type, any help or geanaral ideas anybody,regards john
  2. Matthew

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    Uh... what?
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