Need a chipset cooler for the MSI K8N Neo4 F

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Oct 17, 2007
  1. The fan on the chipset cooler for the MSI K8N Neo4 F board my friend has went bad. Do I just call MSI and get a new one? I was hoping there was a silent heatsink that could be purchased that would work with this board. If you are familiar with this board let me know what heatsink would work. Thanks.
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    Where do I find if it will fit on this board? The video card in it is a gigabyte passive cooling card and is a little thicker than normal so it covers a little bit of the chipset.
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    I had the Thermalright HR-05 and the motherboard used in the article Didou linked. The only problem I had with the heatsink was it was easy to swivel around on its mount and it left me feeling like it could be making better contact with the northbridge chip thus giving me even lower temps. But it did work fine!
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