Need a XP start-up disc to format the drive

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Jul 27, 2008
  1. i have a hard drive with bad xp program. wont let me format. i tried fdisk and i do have a m/e boot disk but i am lost for words here. help! i have a 80 gig hd i donot want to lose. i get a blck screen when iturn on the computor and i donot have the original start up or boot discs.
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    FDISK and format will cause loss of data.

    If you lack the Windows XP Installation CD, does this mean that you are using an OEM version of XP? Some OEM computers have a Recovery Partition loaded on the HDD. Sadly, this recovery also clobbers the user files.
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    If you just need an XP recovery console you can see this link on how to create one on CD.
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    Have a look at this idea too

    Creating the Recovery Console on Windows Bootup

    Here's a file that when you right click and install it on Xp computers, you'll have full permissions on the Recovery Console commands:

    Inside the Recovery Console just type:

    set AllowRemovableMedia = true
    This command allows you to copy files to removable media like floppy disks. Enter

    set AllowWildCards = true
    The next command allows you to use wildcards in commands like "dir" and "del". Enter
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