Prepare to redownload Baldur's Gate 3 to free up 130GB for its biggest patch ever

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Something to look forward to: Baldur's Gate 3 is a big game that has received big patches. The latest, designed to provide a sense of closure, introduces more features than ever, including an epilogue. However, those without sufficient remaining storage space may need to redownload the entire 150GB game.

Patch 5 for Baldur's Gate 3 is now available. Larian Studios warns that while the download for the update is 30GB, installation requires 130GB of free space. Users short on storage should uninstall and redownload the game, but the enormous list of improvements justifies the re-installation.

Players who have completed the main story can now access a new epilogue chapter to view the consequences of every choice they made throughout the adventure and mark a final farewell to their party. Load a save before the final battle to reach the new ending sequence.

Those who start a new game can choose between two modes with additional difficulty adjustments. Honor Mode is a new hardcore difficulty setting that readjusts the combat, gives bosses new abilities, and introduces permadeath. Meanwhile, Custom Mode allows players to tweak various settings regarding dice rolls and other gameplay aspects to create a more authentic D&D experience.

The new patch should also significantly improve performance, especially on systems short on RAM and VRAM. Larian attributes the efficiency gains to optimizations made for the upcoming Xbox port, which the company delayed to take extra time adjusting the split-screen mode for the Xbox Series S. The physical Xbox Series X disc will contain Patch 5.

Other additions to Baldur's Gate 3 include dynamic resolution on PlayStation 5, Korean language support, and hundreds of other improvements and fixes. An inventory interface update allows players access to non-active party members' inventories.

Patch 5 isn't the first gigantic update Baldur's Gate 3 has received. The patch that brought the game out of Early Access required everyone to redownload the then-122GB title. The first post-launch update fixed so many bugs that Larian couldn't list them all within the Steam update page's character limit.

Console users who don't own Baldur's Gate 3 can purchase the game with all updates on physical discs when the deluxe edition ships in the first quarter of 2024. The PS5 version will come on two discs, while the Xbox Series X package contains three.

The PC box will also include a disc, but it will only be a DVD with a custom installer and a Steam key, necessitating a digital download since most PC owners no longer use optical drives. Larian considered including the entire game on a USB drive, but failure rates were unacceptably high.

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Did you mean:
"Prepare to free up 130GB to download Baldur's Gate 3's biggest patch ever"
or "Prepare to redownload Baldur's Gate 3 OR free up 130GB for its biggest patch ever"

I'm not sure which of these you were going for (probably the latter?), but they read better (to my limited mind).
I started the update on GoG, shows 102.33GB.

I really like the game, my brother and I have just started into Act 2 and we've put about 40 hours into the game so far. Looks like we might have to start over, which may be for the best. I want to try a couple different classes and now we have a decent grasp as to how the game plays and functions, with this update it may be beneficial to start over just in case.
In a sea of buggy and unfinished games this is refreshing to see. It seems like people behind it actually care about the product.
90 hours in, a little bit into Act 3, what a game! It’s not even my normal cup of tea but it has me truly immersed. I actually care for the characters, and I’m still blown away by the different ways you can approach things and the fact your choices actually matter.