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Dec 23, 2016
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  1. I have a Dell Precision T5400 with dual quad core xenon processors running 16gb of ram with a Windows 7 operating system. I seem to always have trouble getting a decent sound system. I watch a lot of movies and play games and I want some decent sound. It seems that my right speaker never works and I have tried two sets of speakers. I am using a simple pair of speakers connected to the single audio jack on the back of the computer. I do have a good video card installed (Radeon R7 370, 2GB GDDR5). It seems this card has the ability to send quality audio through it but I don't know what type of speakers I would need or if that is the best option. I think I have 1 expansion slot left open but I am unsure which type it is. I will need to take the cover off and check but I wanted some advice first. Would I be better off trying to install an audio card if I have an open expansion slot and if so what kind and what kind of speakers to use with it; or would I do better using the sound output of my video cad and if so what type of speakers would I need (I thing the audio is sent out through the HDMI connector but not 100% sure without checking the specs.). Anyone that can help me get a good quality sound system configured with what I have please help advise me. I am so tired of this blazing fast computer with an awesome video card but crappy sound. Please help.
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    I connected my desktop to a Sony sound base with a large screen TV resting on it. The connection is by HDMI to the sound base. The voice enhancement qualities of the Sony improve the clarity of dialogue but the surround sound effects may not suit you. At times headphones are useful to avoid annoying the neighbours. The headphones do have a surround sound setting but I never use it so can't comment on how good this feature is. I don't play games.
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    I agree with that. It's not easy to generalise but a pair of high spec headphones is worth thinking about. The alternative is to be messing around with amplifiers, sub woofers and satellite speakers with a good chance of wasting money.
  4. jobeard

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    Test the quality of the sound card by using HDMI --> TV;
    Pc games or hq music will play thru and you can see where to go from there.
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    Bluetooth looks the most flexible option but a top end pair of headphones is dear. I'm using a budget priced set of wired headphones with 3.5mm jack. There are various options to try if you have a collection of adapters and cables. At present I'm considering upgrading to bluetooth headphones which would link with my sound base. It's the price that's causing me a lot of thought but the reviews are impressive.

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