need assist in two sata hds

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Sep 23, 2005
  1. Hi I have xp on sata hd which I do not want to disturb and have installed a second hd on which I want to install win98 any help with easy steps would be most welcome.Pop :)
  2. RKS

    RKS TS Rookie

    Partition Magic has tools that can achieve this. You'll need a boot manager that can dynamically switch active partitions on bootup.

    What I'd do is to disconnect the XP drive, set up the other drive with win98, then connect both drives and let partition magic sort out the mess (if it will boot).

    You may need to load win98 onto an IDE drive and then transfer it to the SATA drive. I discuss this method in my thread 'How to set up SATA, SCSI, RAID boot drive (workaround)'.

    This link should get you there

  3. Pop

    Pop TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sata drives

    Hi Many thanks for your guidence so far.I have downloaded boot manager and partition magic also loaded the second sata drive with win98.So far so good what is the next step? Regards Pop :wave:
  4. RKS

    RKS TS Rookie

    Start the win98 disc up using a DOS boot disc and use fdisc to 'hide the partition'. Alternatively, you can use partition magic to hide the partition as well.

    That done, you can connect both drives and boot into the XP partition. Load the boot manager and configure it (you name the discs - YES!! it can see the hidden partition!!).

    When you reboot you will see a screen that has the two named discs, say "Pop's Windows XP" and "Pop's Win98". Select the drive you wish to boot into and away you go!!

    What the boot manager will do is hide the XP partition and unhide the win98 partition or visa versa, depending on where you are headed.

    Hope it all works out :)

  5. Pop

    Pop TS Rookie Topic Starter

    2 sata harddrives

    Hi Robert.Nearly there, I can boot up into boot manager and gain access to win98 by clicking on Pops win98 But when clicking on Pops winxp it starts to load and gets as far as the light blue screen with dark blue border top and bottom and shows the small logo for xp and then it freezes,the only way to shut down is to reboot into win98 and then shut down,boot manager shows the following:-
    name dev. partition filesys size mode
    drive A faa 1 none fat12 1440kb ----
    Popswinxp hdd1 primary 1 ntfs/hpfs 111gb ----
    harddisk2 hdd2 mbr none 512by ----
    Popswin98 hdd2 primary 1 fat32/lba 74gb auto
    cdrom cnd 1 none cdfs 700mb ----
    would appreciate help in entering winxp thats where all my files are.Thank you
  6. RKS

    RKS TS Rookie

    Make sure the WinXP drive is marked active.
    Boot into partition magic and check the winXP drive. It will probably be marked 'hidden'. Unhide it then make it active. Then hide it again. Make sure you force execution of each step before proceeding to the next. Then retry.

  7. Pop

    Pop TS Rookie Topic Starter

    two sata drives

    Hi Rob.I have had to give the project away.Cannot do it,When win98 loaded up I could not update anything no sound no video card no nothing.
    I believe it was because of my motherboard :- P5GD1-VM. Video card asus eax300SE. cpu p4 540 3.2ghz 800 SB 1M LGA775. Ram 1gb.
    I did try with an ide second hard drive but the same could not even set up Jetflash to enable transfer data from xp.So If you do not have any more info for me let me thank you for your time on this project you have been very patient with an old fellow.Regards Pop
  8. RKS

    RKS TS Rookie

    When you load win98 you must also load all the win98 compatible drivers beginning with the motherboard resources. Some drivers, such as Via4-in-1, will not run unless you use earlier versions – same with NVidia video drivers.

    Thus on a later computer you have driver issues to resolve as well as the multiple boot issue. Windows 98 can’t see NTFS partitions, and XP is usually loaded onto NTFS though it will run on FAT32.

    One motivation for using win98 in the first place may be the desire to use some older software that won’t run on XP. But XP also has a compatibility mode that has varying degrees of success depending on the program.

    To utilise the compatibility feature go to the executable file (*.exe) and right click on it.
    Select ‘Properties’ then the ‘Compatibility’ tab. You’ll find the options there, including the operating system to be compatible with (Win95, 98/ME, NT4(SP5) or Win2000) and other compatibility options such as ‘run in 640*480’, etc.

    DOS programs can be run by using a win98 startup disc and running from DOS, providing there is a FAT32 partition.

    There are other compatibility options, though I have not personally researched them myself. The solution I’ve used for running older programs is to give my dear old mum a win95 machine with her favourite games on it (and so a ready test-bed for old programs is to hand if needed :)

  9. Pop

    Pop TS Rookie Topic Starter

    help with two sata hard drives

    Hi.Its me again,I did give this project away but it kept gnawing at me so I have got back to it.
    Present problem is :- I have installed `ntfs for windows` and managed to get as far as trying to partition the the fat partition but I cannot seem to do so.I wanted to keep the Fat partition with win98 files on it and have a second partiton with ntfs on me ( computer illiterate) it sounds simple but it is`nt is it?.Sorry to bug you again but would appreciate your help.Pop
  10. RKS

    RKS TS Rookie

    I'm not quite sure what you are up to, but note that FAT32 partitions have a limit of around 60gig ie you can not make a 70gig partition. Make sure the partitions are small enough for FAT32.

    You win98 files will live in NTFS just fine, but older programs may not run in the NTFS environment. Win98 can't handle it.

    Note that XP can see FAT32 partitions, but win98 can not see NTFS partitions.

  11. Pop

    Pop TS Rookie Topic Starter

    two sata hard disks

    Hi Rob.What I am trying to do is setup my second sata hard drive with win98 so as to play old pc games.
    As I said I have setup win98 on this 80gb hard disk(although it says I have a device not working) and need to partition the Fat pt to install NTFS partition so I hope the new pt will recognise my motherboard and so enable the drivers.Sorry to confuse you.Pop
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