Need assistanve on emachine mother board

By tomwinstanley
Feb 21, 2006
  1. I am trying to locate a manualk that I may download ot get informnation on where I coonnect my cdrom. what I have is a "y" adapter that connects both cdrom/dvdroms to the same connector on my motherboard. I am not hearing anything from the cdrom.dvdrom. maybe I don't have the connection in the propee place. but when I attach a sound card in a pci slot I have sound. could some one please assist me. I have the drivers for the on board sound installed. What I have is the Micosoft media edition installed to seperate tracks and copy lp, and cassettes to my computer. what the Creative sound card does not have is the "stereo mixer" option. that is what I need to seperate downloaded fulll albums from the net,and seperate the tracks of the albums. and help with these issues would be greatly appreciated. email me with any inoformation you can assist me with
  2. hewybo

    hewybo TS Maniac Posts: 435

    check the drives

    Be sure that the drive at the top fo the IDE cable is set to "master" and the other (on the middle connector) is set to "slave." There are jumpers on the rear of each drive, and there should be letters engraved like: MA (master), SL (slave),CS (cable select), etc. Re-boot, and see if they are recognized properly.

    Need more info on your sound card (model, etc.) to be able to help. And full system specs would be nice. :)

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