Need for speed bsod?

By DERWY ยท 29 replies
Nov 30, 2007
  1. as i open need for speed either carbon or pro-street a blue screen appears and the laptop restarts.
    knowing that i'm using a toshiba satellite a120
    processor: dual core 2 ghz
    ram: 512
    video card: radeon mobility x1600
    windows xp home edition
  2. samjohnson

    samjohnson TS Maniac Posts: 238

    I would say that your graphics are probably good enough. But your ram sticks out like a sore thumb. With only 512 I am not sure that it will play those games. That is most likely why you are getting a blue screen. Are you getting the blue screen as you are loading a race or as you get into the game?
  3. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

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    With regards to your problem, i don't think insufficient ram would cause this, the game would simply load and play slowly. Find your minidumps folder (sorry, i can't remember where it is right now ;) - i think it's C:\WINDOWS\minidumps) and put a few of your latest ones in a zip folder and upload them as attachments to this thread. Then we can see what causes the restart.
  4. DERWY

    DERWY TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no i'm getting it after double clicking the game icon and opening the game
  5. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

    upload your minidumps so we can see what the problem is
  6. DERWY

    DERWY TS Rookie Topic Starter

    my dump analysis using windbg said that it was Probably caused by : ati3duag.dll ( ati3duag+1e4826 )
  7. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

    ok, go to the toshiba website and see if they have an updated version of your graphics driver and install it if they do :)
  8. gnanamurugan

    gnanamurugan TS Rookie

    im installed the Need For Speed prostreet.
    but getting a problem when start the game. Im getting a memory read error exactly like this.

    'the instruction at "0x00630522" referenced memory at "0x04d92670". the memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program'

    please anybody help me....
  9. alloughani

    alloughani TS Rookie

    hi there i have error msg with nfs pro street about shader erroe-technique nt found any help or adv
  10. alloughani

    alloughani TS Rookie

    shader error please help

    shader error - technique not found
  11. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

    gnanamurugan, alloughani, please read through the links that i gave to DERWY, above.

    gnanamurugan, it isn't advised to put your email address in a public forum as spambots can pick it up and full your inbox with lovely treats

    alloughani, please use the [​IMG] button instead of posting a new reply when you want to add information and there are no new replies. Also, what graphics card do you have?
  12. gnanamurugan

    gnanamurugan TS Rookie

    i can't find the minidumps folder in my system.
    whether i will be present if i installed the game,
    actually i uninstalled the game.

    actually problem was if i click to start the game a common error dialog box opening saying "nfs.exe encountered a problem. Need to close".

    leaving that dialog, if i closes the nfs.exe window im getting that above mentioned memory error.
  13. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

    You will not get a minidump from tis sort of error, that is why i suggest that you start your own thread.

    This one is entitled "Need for speed BSOD" so people will only look at it if they think they can help with that problem, and you are not having a BSOD so you should start a new thread with a title descriptive of the problem that you are having e.g. Need For Speed Error, or something like that
  14. gnanamurugan

    gnanamurugan TS Rookie

    im alredy started as memory error
  15. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

    Ok, that is good. Keep the discussion of your problem to your own thread from now on. Thanks.
  16. leprechaun85

    leprechaun85 TS Rookie

    as i open nfs:pro-street a blue screen appears and this message pops up: nfs.exe has stopped working. FYI,i'm using vista,3gb ram,geforce4 8400gs,help me out
  17. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 379   +6

    you're being a bit too general with your description there... GeForce 4 8400 GS? >_> Usually i would think of two possibilities to BSOD, apart from software infinite loops, etc etc... at least for games. Try updating your graphics driver for starters, then run memtest to see if you've got a defective ram stick.

    I'm not sure about any other possibility.
  18. rmdl51

    rmdl51 TS Maniac Posts: 244

    Hello everybody, I'm just going to share my experience with these games so I hope I can be a little helpful.

    Racing games, specially NFS carbon & pro street demands high amount of ram, so if you have 512 it's very likely that your computer will freeze or games will run very slow with poor frame rates.

    When I played NFS Most wanted with 512 only ran smoothly at 1024x728 but slow down a lot on 1280x1024 I thought it was the video card, but when I upgrade to 2GB I get a lot of improvement, this was about 2 years ago and with an ATI 9600XT

    My friend was trying to run NFS carbon with 512 and he's computer freeze when trying to load up the game menu.

    Now, for the video cards you guys mention before I assume you are trying to run this on a laptop, mobility x1600 and 8400GS are Laptop video cards (please correct me if I'm wrong) and from my experience running games on Laptops I could say NFS games (specially pro street) are heavy for those cards.

    I've ran NFS pro street on a 8600 GT card and I have to let some options at medium in order to get a decent frame rate but I'm talking about 1680x1050res.

    Right now I can run it pretty much all maxed out with an 8800GT but this are desktop cards, and the memory is 2 GB

    I've seen BSOD when a game is trying to be run on an imcompatible card, incompatible drivers, and defective RAM, so for the last two you have options, but for the first one I would recommend to check on the EA web site to see if your card is ok.

    Also as some people have suggest before, update your graphic drivers first, that might help a lot.
  19. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 379   +6

    I'll have to disagree with you there. If a game doesn't run smoothly, the factors to this not only ends in the form of hardware and software drivers, but the game itself that runs an unoptimised engine.

    Regarding your NFS Most wanted, i actually played that game over 1280x1024 on my old AMD Athlon 64 3000+, X800 Pro and 512 mb ram and i played over 45 fps.

    With carbon, it might be a bit more taxing on the hardware as they require slightly higher specifications though not by alot. For example. I run Need For Speed Carbon on my laptop really smoothly on 1280x800 resolution on my Pentium M 2.0, 256 ATi x700 Mobility and 1gb ram machine. For all these examples i'm running it on max details.
  20. rmdl51

    rmdl51 TS Maniac Posts: 244

    First, I never said that those games are based merely on the amount of ram a system have, I was saying it's one Main factor for playing games.

    And if you are talking about an optimized engine, one of the factors itself are the drivers for such devices controling that engine.

    I do believe you run NFS MW at 45 FPS because you had a better card and mine was an older 9600XT

    My friend even with a 6600 and 512 ram NFS carbon ran choppy, and sometimes chashes, upgrading to 1 GB improves a lot.

    For pro street I was trying to run it on a 7800GS with 2GB and it was barely running on minimum settings, when I upgrade system and use my current one I can run pro street all maxed out.

    It's hard to believe you are running Carbon maxed out on a poor card like the x700 and I wasn't able to maxed out the settings with the 7800GS and 2 GB, but if you say so I believe you because I never tried that setup.

    like I said I just want to share my experience with all these games, I'm not trying to argue or make false statements, It's just my experience.
  21. leprechaun85

    leprechaun85 TS Rookie

    Sorry guys...i'm an amateur here so hope u guys dun mind if i ask a foolish question,so here do i update my graphics driver n run da memtest?
  22. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 379   +6

    Neither did i say that you said that heh my post doesn't say anything about just limiting to ram. I was just talking about the game itself so i'm pretty much telling the thread starter that it might not be up to his system but the actual game itself. Really now, that wasn't even meant as a comment to go against yours in the first place, just something he should consider as well.

    And no, not necessarily is it just the drivers. The game's graphical engine itself is not built on a very strong resource management system, much like Doom 3 when it first came out in comparison with Half-Life 2. They both have similar and comparable levels of detail but one runs noticably faster than the other. Same goes for the NeverWinter Nights 2 engine.

    That may be true but the way you constructed your sentence made it sound as if Ram was the only thing that you needed, and i'm just mentioning that it doesn't go down to just that. I have a friend who owns a 6600 GT and yes, my X800 Pro does run faster than a 6600 GT, and your friend might just be using a driver revision that doesn't work well with the 6600 GTs. Also, FYI, i run my x700 Mobility on custom drivers, and I used universal widescreen patcher to get it to 1280x800 resolution.

    Ah, but if you didn't read the many reviews up on the net about the performance of the x700 Mobility, you wouldn't know that its actually a very high performing card despite just being an x700. It runs Direct X9 Shader 2 games very respectably so possibly the only reason why i can think you run your Carbon slower than mine is that yours is set to Shader 3.0 where as mine is on Shader 2.

    Anyway, back on topic. Sorry about that. To update your graphics driver, the normal way is to just head on to sites like either or and in the downloads section, look for your card there as well as download the proper drivers for your OS, for e.g. Windows XP 32-bit drivers if you're running standard XP or 64 if you're running 64 XP, and so on so forth.

    A good practice would be to run a driver cleaner program beforehand, like DriverHeaven's Driver Cleaner. You would uninstall the drivers normally in windows using Add/Remove Programs, then reboot into safe mode (by pressing the F8 key after the bios screen appears in most cases, then running the Driver Cleaner software and set it to clean either ATi or nVidia drivers depending on your card. What this does is if i'm not mistakened, cleans out any remaining files in your system related to the drivers, that help prevent problems when installing newer drivers on. You can then install the newer drivers when you reboot back into windows.

    As for memtest, i'm sure you can get it on the web from a myriad of places, if not, if you have a linux disc sitting around in the house, its most likely got memtest in it. You would stick that into the cd-rom drive, reboot your computer then assuming you've set your computer to boot from the disc, be able to choose to run the memory test. Hope that has helped you.
  23. rmdl51

    rmdl51 TS Maniac Posts: 244

    You're right! I sound like I'm giving too much credit to the RAM when it's just a part of a complete set of components to game decently.

    And again you are right about the x700, I haven't read many good things about it and I just let my self guide for the model #, but have no doubt that the custom drivers help a lot.

    BTW memtest86 can be downloded here:

    go to Free download and get the ISO image, and just burn it with any ISO burner like Nero, pop the disc in and let it boot from there, I usually run memtest for about 4-6 hours, so I could say just let it overnight and if you see no errors your memory is fine.

    I still believe upgrading memory will be a smart move, not just for gaming but for the performance on every task, at least pop in another 512 stick :)
  24. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 379   +6

    wow absolutely no sarcasm in your reply! i'm so proud you handled this so professionally. You should feel proud of yourself :) truly a role model to society.

    And btw the topic was revived for this man

    And not the original poster who posted his question on November 30th, 2007. I'm glad to see we're all paying attention and not blindly replying. I think with 3gb of ram, he doesn't really need to pop in another 512mb stick of ram. What do you think?

    Back on topic, leprechaun85, have you tried checking whether it is an issue with Vista and Pro Street? Its still very highly probable that you have a faulty ram stick though. Good luck with your search.
  25. rmdl51

    rmdl51 TS Maniac Posts: 244

    I recognize when something I said didn't end up meaning what I really wanted to.

    when I first read your post I thought you were the one being sarcastic, but when I read again.... I guess not....hope so.. :p

    I was replying to DERWY when I said add a 512 stick! he said he have a 512MB on the first post I know he haven't post in about 5 months but he never seem to have his problem solved if he's still getting messages from this thread he might be interested on reading it.

    Of course 3GB is more than enough to play most of the games....actually to do anything you want,
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