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May 8, 2006
  1. I have K8v se deluxe with WD SATA finally got XP installed, whew! XP Home Edition w/o service packs. I would like to add SP2 that is in a borrowed XP Home Upgrade CD. I can't download it since my dial-up is just 24Kbps :(. I also have a copy (no ISO) of XP Professional w/SP2. Can I extract the SP2 files, burn to CD and load to my XP OS that doesn't have SP2?
  2. andya

    andya TS Rookie

    You are better off reinstalling from the home ed sp2 upgrade cd. You need to have SP1 installed before you can upgrade to SP2 so reinstall is your best bet.
  3. spot

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    Still need Help

    The computer I'm on now has XP SP1 on it. Can I copy those files to a CD and install them on XP w/o service packs> If so, how. I have XP Home upgrade with SP2. How do I go over the plain XP to get the SP2 files?
  4. mailpup

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    Actually, the service packs are cumulative so you don't have to have an earlier version installed before installing SP2. You can order the SP2 cd from Microsoft. I agree with andya that would be best. It used to be free but now they charge shipping and handling.

    Edit: You can't just copy the files. It has be installed. Even if you could ghost it over, it would likely be illegal unless you have a license to do so.
  5. andya

    andya TS Rookie

    If the borrowed home edition upgrade cd has SP2 then you should be able to upgrade from that CD, just use it as if you upgrading from any operating system. this should also work on your SP1 machine
  6. andya

    andya TS Rookie

    You are probably right about that I must admit my knowledge of SP1 to SP2 came from Microsoft, lets face it, it wouldnt be the first time they were wrong, or lying or both.
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