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Need help ASAP (associating blank dvd's)

By tonberry
Sep 20, 2005
  1. Hi all. I've a problem regarding blank dvd discs that I'll briefly clarify.

    First of all, I've a dvd-rw burner that is able to record mpeg and avi files onto a dvd-r blank disc successfully. This is as far as I've gone with testing what types of files work correctly on a blank dvd disc.

    However, after trying to record mp3 files (and other types of data), I get no output. That is, re-inserting the recorded blank dvd disc into my dvd drive to find that the dvd drive doesn't detect it or any sort of data! I recieve the common "please insert disc in E: drive" message and this isn't the first blank dvd I've experimented with.

    I've used 2 blank dvd disc's in order to utilise both 2 different methods of recording mp3 files using the software Nero Express 6 and Ashampoo BurningStudio. The first method was, using the 'Create a data-cd option' and secondly 'Create an mp3 music cd' with both software.

    I am totally bewildered and find it very difficult to understand why this would happen to be the unexpected result. Could such a problem occur with cd's and cd burners also? Is there a solution to this? :S
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