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Apr 9, 2008
  1. Hi. I'm using a Laptop with Vista. After ironicly installing "Style XP" without remembering why it's actually named style "XP", i got a few very annoying bugs. The most important is: When i get the "browse" "open" or "save as" window like this:
    It just freezes with the "loading cursor"... i can't do anything and the whole program stops responding and i have to close it, without getting my work saved :(
    However it does work when i get this window:
    Please help me =)
  2. damusca

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    Hi, I have a laptop with vista also, sometimes happens to me too, I have found that it is when the ram is being run to it's limit. Nothing too serious, how much ram do you have in your system and how many programmes do you have open at the one time. Ideally no less than 2gb ram, preferably 4gb if you have 2 ram slots on the bottom will have it running like a dream and stop the cursor spinning and going nowhere.
  3. Bobbye

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    lexissopro , I do not know what you country of origin is, but unless it's Greece, It appears you may have downloaded and installed the Greek version of "StyleXP", possibly from one of the mirror sites.

    Advise you uninstall the program, reboot, check the system. IF problem has been solved and you want to get StyleXP again, be sure you set the correct language for the download.,
  4. lexissopro

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    It's nothing about RAM, it ALWAYS happens... and i don't want Style XP as it is for XP not Vista. i have 2gig RAM; and with no other apps open, same happens.
  5. Bobbye

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    Hopefully you will read my post.
  6. drjulian

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    GOOD CALL! I didn't even LOOK at sidebar.....Don
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