Need help figuring out the faulty hardware

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Jul 12, 2010
  1. Hi guys,

    To start off, im not an IT expert & thats why im here

    I've got this problem since I came back from studying abroad for 2 months (PC is not turned on at all)

    To make it easy for you guys to read I'm gonna make it brief:


    - sudden power turn off problem[*POOF*] .
    - After few attempts of power on and off, PC starts to give 1 long beep and 1 short beep (indicates possible MoBo Error) also monitor has no signal

    I don't have any extra PSU or MoBo to test which hard drive is giving me this kind of problem,

    So please guys, any kind of help is greatly appreciated

    Thank you
  2. raybay

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    Go elsewhere on this TechSpot site, to find the excellent and nearly complete Beep Code list from member Tipstir. It can be very helpful.

    You could have any one of a number of issues, but you didn't tell us the brand, model, age, and configuration...
    It could be hard drive failure, video graphics card, cpu clamp has broken or come loose, memory module failure, power supply damaged or blown on one channel, one of the PCI card slots can cause this, even it not used... such as a eefective modem, cable or socket has failed due to heat shrinkage or poor construction.
    You will likely get a lot of suggestions and guesses if you tell us more about your system.
    Also tell us if you have the restore disks for windows, and the drivers to do a new install if necessary... as well as whether you have your important files backed up.
    Good luck in dealing with all the ideas you are sent by TechSpot members
  3. esbo

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    It's unlikely (IMO) to be a hard drive, as you say that beep is an ibm bios beep for a motherboard problem, assuming you have the same bios.
    I'd have a look inside for anything obvious, loss connections etc...disconnect as much as you can, eg USB etc...minimum memory,
    Had the machine been idle for a long while and the problem occurred first time you used it?
    Maybe condensation built up inside, just guessing really.
  4. treetops

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    I think he meant to say hardware not hard drive. Off the bat I would say to make sure no one bumped into your computer knocking something loose. Open it up and take a look inside. Replug and reseat everything. Make sure there are no burn marks, a power surge or lightning strike could have damaged hardware while you were away.
  5. elmahdy11

    elmahdy11 TS Rookie

    its useful steps Iam with u
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