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Oct 23, 2009
  1. HI Everyone i am student of animation and i use softwares like 3ds max n maya i was using windows xp sp2 that was working properly then one day the windows crashed and pc was restarting (it cant load windows). i m having 500gb hdd, so i formatted c drive and installed windows again but now i cant install my softwares like max, maya or z brush properly(initially they gat install but after reatart of pc they get currupted) whith this i cant install any games with high graphics.... small softwares like photoshop n players are installing properly with no prob. then i formatted windows again and installed vista but then too i m faceng the same prob.

    can u please help me with this problem...
  2. Route44

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    When the system crashes does it give Blue Screens and are there error codes along with listed drivers? If so please give us both.
  3. ttarun

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    no the os is instaled properly and then the motherboard cd and the graphic card cd is also installed properlly now the problem come when i install my softwares they dont get installed.
    some time pc hangs up some times they get installed then after restart the et currupted. i cant figure out what n where the problem is
  4. gbhall

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    First off, you really should install XP SP3 - SP2 is so out of date (and no longer comopatible with a lot of newer software).

    If you still cannot install other software properly I would suspect a problem with your CD/DVD - 2 years life for a CD is not surprising these days, unfortunately. You could try copying the complete install CD to a hard disk directory and running the install from there. You might find even a simple copy does not work any more.
  5. pjamme

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    Cannot Install Programs

    Make sure you are an Administrator. Some programs tell you that you must be one, but others may not.
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