need help someone please help me!!

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Apr 10, 2007
  1. im having trouble with my comp it seem to crash evrytime I start my menal of honor allied assault game I can connect and play for about 15 min then I just crash its not one of those little hit ctrl-alt-del......crashes its a do a hard re-boot on off button .........I got a nvidia 5300 256 mb and the new drivers or the most recent
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    Hi Turkey and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

    First off let me say that TYPING IN CAPS is considered as shouting, and we would prefer it if you didn't,
    now about your problem, have you checked the game website for any FAQ's that may help, its usually a good idea to go their first and see before joining a forum such as this, You may find your question answered there.

  3. turkeychooter

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    SORRY!if i typed with the caps on it was an accident and i have gone to the ea games site and no one can tell me why
  4. SNGX1275

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    Try a different driver. has a ton of older versions, newer isn't always better, especially with a card as old as the 5300.

    Hard lockups can also be caused by bad RAM or overheating. Run with the side of your case off and a household fan blowing on it, if the problem still exists run memtest overnight.
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    Go this this website: and run the test for Medal of Honor

    If you get recommended you system might have outdated drivers, update your Videocard display drivers

    If you get a minimum pass then upgrade your system to the stuff it needs ( videocard, RAM or something else like that )

    If you fail do the same for the minimum pass results

    Hope I helped :)
  6. raybay

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    Sounds as if you do not have the correct equipment for the requirements for Medal of Honor... either memory, graphics card, or power supply.
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