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Dec 8, 2005
  1. Ok first of all I don't know THAT much about computers but I'm able to do some simple install tasks. Now it seems when it comes to video cards I am in over my head.

    Where to start....

    I would live to be able to play games like BF2 but I don't have alot of money to spend. A card under $200 would be key.
    Also, like I said I don't know that much about computers so when it comes to details about my computer all I can do is link to it:

    Any recomendations would be great. How is the GE Force6600?
    Also, once I've purchased the card, will it be easy enough for me to install?
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  3. hggns

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    Thx for the reply. Seems most cards I am interested in are AGP, how difficult is it to install an AGP card onto a computer like mine?

    Also, I'd be purchasing this from CompUSA since I have a card with them, so any cards you could recommend from their site would be great. Thanks
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    Very difficult. The reason is your PC does not appear to have an AGP slot unless I overlooked it. I suggest you confirm this in case I'm wrong but in checking your link and HP's website, no mention is made of any AGP slots and it only mentions 2 free PCI slots.

    Keep in mind that, although you may be interested in an AGP card, what determines which card you can use depends on what your motherboard allows. In this case, it appears to be limited to PCI (not to be confused with PCI-E) cards. As such, your graphics upgrade potential is severely limited.

    All that said, the actual installation of ANY graphics card is about the same difficulty and that is to say not very difficult at all (despite my earlier facetious remark).
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    I'm afraid it looks to me like mailpup is correct. You don't appear to have an AGP slot on that motherboard. Only a PCI slot, and PCI graphics are... well... not really worth the upgrade IMO.

    Here is a list of what your integrated video chip supports:

    I don't think any PCI card will be able to do much better than that.... see what some others say. About the best PCI card you'll find is the Radeon 9250 :(
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