Need help with AC97

By ethansdaddy23
Feb 24, 2007
  1. I need help. I had to re-install XP everyting worked except for Audio it says i need AC97 codec (I guess) and every where I go and every driver I download first it says it hasnt passed windows logo testing and when I proceed before it finishes installing my screen flashes and goes to a distorted screen and I have to restart so I cant get my sound working. If anyone can help please do so, Im running out of options. Thanks

    Nevermind, my persistance paid off. I was downloading the wrong driver but I got it now. But, with all the people getting good answers here, it seems I've found the right place to come to if I have any problems.
    Ya'll have a great day, and thanks for your future help, cause I'm sure I'm gonna need
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