Need help with dumb dao problems!!!! please...?

By awsskater892
Nov 11, 2006
  1. i think i have conflicting DAO files?? not sure ahh

    Hi, I Just bought the program Roxio Easy media creator suite 9, (the electronic download) from their site. It installed well and everything, until I tried to run it. When i try to run it, it says DAO, the file you are missing is not available. then it comes up with an error message ( 1706) and says that no valid source could be found for DAO. eventually the program does open, then it has problems loading every single of the other programs that it has (the same problems) so i typed it in roxios help, and it said to go to add/remove hardware in the control pannel, and uninstall DAO , and I attempted to do that, but it says: "error 1316. a network error occured while attempting to read the file c:\windows\Installer\DAO.msi" and now i have no idea what to do. please help me out!! thanks alot! -Nick
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