Need Help With Infinite Boot Loop

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Oct 23, 2005
  1. k so, i move my computer, and i move it back around half an hour later, i start it up, and it infinite loops on reboot, i get loading windowsxp and then it restarts. i need help plz :confused:
  2. poertner_1274

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    Did you move it while it was on? Could you have possibly ruined the HDD by crashing the head?

    Can you boot into Safe Mode?
    Any more information would be nice. Changes to hardware/software?

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  3. Eric Legge

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    It's probably a hardware problem.

    The moving of the computer might just be a coincidence

    If you added new hardware the OS would reboot several times to get the
    right virtual device drivers loaded.

    If the OS just keeps on rebooting, you should look for a power problem
    with your motherboard.

    Open your case and see if your capacitors are swelling or leaking.

    These capacitors control power distibution on the board and if they
    go bad you should replace the board (easier than repair)
  4. patio

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    I would also while you have the case open check to see that everything is seated properly; RAM chips;vid card; modem etc...
    And while you're in there blow out any dust bunnies that have taken up residence.
    Make sure you are properly grounded while doing this.

    patio. :cool:
  5. Eric Legge

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  6. Tedster

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    rebooting can also be caused by faulty or failing RAM. my computer used to do that when I had some bad memory.

    run memtest86 overnight.

    rebooting can also be attributed to some viruses like the blaster worm, but it won't reboot until windows is fully loaded.
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