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By MMDominator88
Jun 21, 2007
  1. Ok, so here's the deal...I bought the XBOX 360 HD-DVD drive and got windows XP Pro to recognize it and download drivers for it. I then read countless forums on how to make it recognize when I put an HD-DVD in the drive, got that done. Now I have AnyDVD HD and Cyberlink's PowerDVD Ultra 7.3 and I can get the movies to come up in the PowerDVD and get to the point of playing...The real question is now it seems like I don't have the "recommended" hardware per the cyberlink's BD/HD advisor program, it says that I need a higher end graphics card (I have the Radeon X1300 series) and a more powerful processor (I have only an Athlon XP 2400+ series). Now this computer was bought about 2 years ago for my 16th birthday, so it has, I believe, no may of receiving a dual-core processor upgrade (dammit, lol). The graphics card interface is the AGP4x/8x and mine only supports the 4X. So I guess what I'm asking, is was it a lost hope staying up for 6 hours to get it to work, or can I manage to pull it off somehow!! I guess I would need an X1600 series graphics card, and a better processor, if available...(the Cyberlink advisor recommended those two upgrades and the the amount of memory on my machine and all the other required component were met) I also read some forums on downloading some H.264 and AC-1 decoders to make the reading of the HD-DVD faster, but I wasn't sure about that...Any help would be very much appreciated

    I have already put over $100 in the computer Bcuz of the GFX card and another 30 or so in the audigy sound card(no big deal on that on though) and was hoping I would'nt have to spend much more money in order to lay the HD-DVD's

    I AM building (hopefully) a newer computer this year, see thread here ( ) and am pretty sure that all those components could handle the playing of HD-DVD's
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    The highest CPU you can put in the Athlon XP series is a 3200+. It would be a significant jump over the 2400+ you have. Good luck finding one these days. The Athlon XP series were known to be excellent overclocker chips - particularly the 2500+. You can still find XP series CPUs on ebay but it's always a risky gamble.
  3. MMDominator88

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    thanks very much "Tedster" but I am goin to just build the computer per the specs I linked to in this thread and it will play the HD-DVD movies, hopefully, at a decent (30+) FPS, thanks for your advice on the CPU's though
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