Need help with my psp memory card

By haidar
Nov 20, 2008
  1. please help me!! I Need help with my psp memory card!!!

    i have a 2gb psp memory card i try and put music or videos on it . it doesnt let me when i first got it it worked and i only have around 800mb used of the memory card meaning 1200mb left .

    when i try to add any more music or videos it says something like this

    unable to copy track .... (cyclic redundancy check) it happenned on more than one computer. And the music i put works on the computer so it shouldnt be from the music.

    please help me solve this problem i really appreciate it.


    why isnt anyone helping me your just viewing it so please help me
    post some replies and help me
    please please please
    thank you
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