Need help with overheating system

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Mar 2, 2008
  1. So i'm playing a game and i hear a click in my case and the computer shuts off, my PLASTIC holder that the Heatsink clamps down to broke so i replaced it with a firm metal one, now the computer won't start up, the motherboard powers on the ethernet card lights up, all the fans kick on but nothing on the monitor. There's no beep codes, i've troubleshot the vid card by replacing it with another one, also the RAM, also the hard drive and the motherboard battery. Is there any chance that the CPU connectors somehow got damaged on the motherboard itself?? How is the motherboard got power but nothing is coming up on the monitor??
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    Bad news for you.... its done call it a nigth, christmass is canceled. your cpu is dead. what must have happend is the following.

    you were probably using the stock cooler for your cpu. if your using intel's its the type you push and turn... they suck, they break easy. one must have ben lose. Then finaly gave from the gyroation of the fan! then u quickly overheated.

    no errors beeps, fan going, its your processor sorry
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    1. please title threads descriptively. Welcome to TS btw.

    2. If your cooler came off your CPU while running, your CPU could have overheated (quickly) and is probably fried.

    3. Any metal touching the rest of the mobo could/may have also shorted the mobo (also not good.)

    4. The only way to tell is to get a new CPU.... if the replacement doesn't work, you will need a new mobo and you will need to reformat and reinstall windows.
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    I wasn't using the factory fan, i have a very nice heatsink and fan, Right when the plastic snapped on the heatsink sit the computer shutoff, i doubt it overheated that fast, besides i have an older CPU that i know for a fact works, and it does the same thing. Can the motherboard be broke but still power up?? seems like it's only a short where the CPU sits. I also have an older MOBO that works that i could pop in to test that, but that requires reformatting???
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    I installed my CPU on another computer and it started up and read perfectly the CPU's speed etc... Does that narrow it down to only being the MB??? Is there anyway to replace a MB without reformatting? I do not have any Windows Install CD's
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    I am definitely not an expert. You are sitting close a condition described as a bare bone computer. Currently no cpu is plugged in. I believe your bios gives the burst screen.

    You could disconnect the HD's, CDroms, memory, keyboard, mouse.

    Connected video. See if there is a flicker.

    No flicker gets you no closer to deciding if it is the psu, or video, or bios. Bios would be the least suspect.

    If the video is a graphics card, unplug the card. You should get beep codes - nothing is connected.
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    More troubleshooting and less matter-of-fact guessing please...
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