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Jul 27, 2012
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  1. Hi all

    As the title suggests I'm having a little trouble getting remote desktop connection working on our windows 7 PCs connected to our work server (running Windows Server Standard 2008 R2). We have a few members of staff opting to work from home during the Olympics (we're based in London) and we have enabled VPN connection so everyone can access files, but I was also hoping to take advantage of remote desktop so that they can still use the Workstations in the office should they need to (we're a design agency, so do a lot of 3D visualisation, and the PCs in the office are quite a bit more powerful than our personal machines). I have followed all of the steps specified in the various tutorials I have found via google (namely activating remote access in windows 7), but no matter what we do, we simply cannot get remote desktop to connect.

    Can anybody offer any advice as to where we might be going wrong? Does remote desktop only work when accessing individual machines rather than those connected to a server? Would we be better trying 3rd party RDC software (assuming there are other free options out there)?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. tipstir

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    Did you setup the remotes and host correctly. Did you assign permissions on your domain. Get back to the office and test out the remotes or someone from another locations try to remote in while you at the office. Those laptops or tablets are they all configured correctly. Just takes one mistake to make the RDP not work right.
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    hi eveyone
    I have a question about remote desktop features. I don't know which party performance will be exprienced in this connection. for example, can I run autocad 2012 on a high performance remote laptop, while the client laptop is a lower grade one? specifically, the system performance I woul experience is that of the better one (remote) or the computer I am actually using?

    help me please!
    cheers ! :)
  5. Rabbit01

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    The remote machine is doing the heavy lifting. As long as your internet connection is decent, your usage experience should be good. Let's say you're in CAD and scaling your model, with a slow connection, you might not see that change immediately after you moved the mouse / typed in command.
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    cookie - I hope you got your situation all worked out but I'd be willing to bet it's either a firewall issue (either/both at your perimeter and the local machines) or if you're authenticating against a domain perhaps your users are not in the Remote Desktop Users group on those machines.

    And not to promote thread-jacking but Mona, you need to also pay attention to whether the app you're accessing is using DirectX or OpenGL. If the app is DirectX, the machine with the actual app is running Windows 7 or R2 and the remote client laptop us running Vista or Win 7 then you'll be able to get some pretty decent performance with a decent connection speed. RemoteFX works great if it's an option for your use.
  7. techaliasgar

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    Try using various 3rd party remote support services such as logmeinrescue, gosupportnow, GoToMyPC etc. in order to establish successful remote connection between home and office computer or between home and windows 2008 server, if required.

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