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Apr 23, 2007
  1. Okay:

    I am using a work computer that I was given after a lease program expired. I was able to get the administrator password and user to gain access to the desktop etc. While using a deletion program (Cyber Scrub) to delete unwanted files and folders, I mistankingly deleted the NTLDR file. I shut down and later started back up. When I started back up the screen went black and it showed "NTLDR is Missing" click ctl alt delete to restart. After doing that many times it just took me right back to the same screen. I tried going to an old computer to copy its NTLDR file and up load it on the other computer. No success. My neighbor lent me a XP reinstall CD so I could at least hit F8 or F10 and get to the last working state. That did not work as a ADMINSTRATOR password screen popped up. I don't have the overall admin pass, just the local user pass. So, frustrated as hell, I loaded the new XP reinstall cd and have been able to get online. I then thought I could just try and find all the old files etc. No luck. How do I get my old computer OS back? System restore just has dates for the new XP not the old. Do I delete the new install, and try to boot a NTLDR file from a CD? Please help!!!!!
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    I think you should have tried a Repair Install.

    However, now you have done what you have done, you can take that hard drive out and set it as a slave in another comp and try to retrieve the 'files' you want.

    On the other hand, if the lease expired, why didn't they return them?

    All very confusing, ya know!
  3. preferred

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    They sold me the computer as is. I mistankingly deleted the NTLDR. I have no idea what you mean about: "you can take that hard drive out and set it as a slave in another comp and try to retrieve the 'files' you want." Can you explain that in dumb computer person terms? Thanks
  4. CCT

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    If that was an on-lease comp, the OS was probably a cheapo mass-install from the supplier, ie, NO unit install disks or Certificate of Authenticity code etc.

    Meaning, unless you have the install disks OR a sticker with the MS XP verification code on the comp, you are gonna have to buy an OS.

    So, what you got?
  5. preferred

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    I have an XP sticker and I have verified the license.
  6. CCT

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    Well, that being the case, what part of the 'old OS' do you want back? Files?
  7. preferred

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    Everything I can get.
  8. preferred

    preferred TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Anyone out there that can help?
  9. slipdown

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    About ntldr

    Take out your hard drive and replace the jumper from "MASTER" to "SLAVE" and attach it to IDE cable on the other computer but on the same cable as the hard drive on that computer, othervise, if you are ataching hard drive at the empty IDE controler your jumper have to be placed on "MASTER" as it was on your computer. then you turn on computer and inthe "My computer" you can see partitions of the hard drive of your and of the other hard drive in that computer. After that is easy to save your data because the system has been booted from first hard drive and your is just slave.

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    slipdown: This thread is from 2007!!! before you post a reply, please check the date :)
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