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Feb 5, 2006
  1. Looking to buy my wife a digital camera. Does anyone have an opinion on a very simple to use camera? Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
  2. Tedster

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    a minimum of 3 megapixals.

    if you want to print directly to a printer- a picture bridge or similar cable and capatible printer is required.

    A memory card (usually sold separately, is a nice option if you take a lot of pictures.)

    I have a kodak, but I cannot recommend it. The battery door cover broke off and I have it jerry-rigged with a rubber band. other than that it's a great camera.

    Read consumer reports online. their articles are pretty good.
  3. hewybo

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    Price range?

    You don't mention price- I see Tedster isn't fond of his Kodak, but I bought one (Easy Share CX7310) for under $100 a year-and-a-half ago, and it's been great. Not a lot of modes, but it's a good automatic point and shoot. 3.2 mp, and it will take movies w/ sound, up to the capacity of your SD card. As I remember, it has 16 MB on-board, but you can buy whatever size secure digital card you need. Absolutely simple to operate. :wave:

    I gave it to my mom- I got a Canon Powershot A75 at $200. You can find 'em cheaper now- I think it's been re-named A510- 13 picture modes, movies w/ sound- more options than I have been able to learn yet, and I highly recommend it.

    Hope you find a good one.
  4. Tedster

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    thats what I had - a kodak easyshare dx6340. the body is flimsy, but it takes decent pix
  5. JMMD

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  6. top cat

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    Opinion on camera

    I recently purcached two cameras. a Kodak C-310 and a Concord 3040. The kodak is 4 megapixels,and the Concord 3.1 magapixels. They both take decent pictures. The Concord 3040 is super "user friendly", over the Kodak C-310 and there's not much difference between the two in picture quality. It only has 7 Mb intenal memory, so you will need to purchase a memory card. If your looking for a budget camera, my pick would be the Concord 3040 over the Kodak C-310. It is extremely "user friendly", nice "ergonomics", takes a good picture in highest quality mode, and best of all it's cheap.
  7. sjps220

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    I've heard great things about cannon. I've known a few people who have bought cannons and been happy with them. I would recommend that for a first digital camera, though never having owned one myself. I would stay away from HP as my girlfriend got one and it's pretty bad on the batteries and images are quite often blurry. Also the screen on the back is tiny and refreshes about once a second.
  8. RealBlackStuff

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  9. Athena

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    Have seen some good suggestions so far. My input would be to buy the camera from a camera company not a PC or electronics company that also now makes cameras.
    Good luck!! :grinthumb
  10. Tedster

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    every canon product I have ever had has been pretty good. (all printers)
  11. hewybo

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    Forgot to mention: the one and only drawback to my Canon is it will go through the batteries, if you take lots of pics. For average use, though, I only have to change to a fresh set (4) Ni-MH of rechargeables every month-and-a-half or so. Also forgot to add that you can interchange lenses. They ain't cheap, but it has that capability! Great little camera. :grinthumb
  12. SNGX1275

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    I've got an HP Photoshot? or something, its a 3.2MP. Its bulky and takes bad pictures indoors (unless I just haven't figured out the magical settings for doing that). But it takes fantastic pictures outdoors.

    I'm looking (not real seriously) at those really tiny Pentax cameras, anyone had any expierence with them?

    MUSTANGPC TS Rookie Posts: 26

    Buydig.Com has a special offer on a HP R817 at maybe $221.00 or is it $212.00. Try going to their website. The HP 817 is a 5mp camera. Good luck

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