Need PCI-E help!

By Necrosis
Sep 1, 2006
  1. Ok I am getting a new video card, a BFG Nvidia GeForce 7600GT to be exact. but I don't know if I have a PCI-E 16x slot or not. I took a picture of my slots and from left to right including the black slot this is what they say: The empty white one on the left says PIC3, the one with the red sound card in it says PCI2, the other empty white slot says PCI1 and the black slot all the way to the right says PCIEx16. Here is the picture:

    The problem i have here is that I always thought that the white slots were PCI-E and the black one was AGP, well i guess i was wrong, but still I need to be sure so can someone either tell me a way to find out what they are and what speeds or can someone tell me if the black one is just a x16 so i can gte my new card? Thanks a lot guys.
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    I am 100% sure the black one is PCi-E x16. Don't worry, get the card. But make sure u have a PSU(Power Supply Unit) that has enough power to run the card and other components comfortably.
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