Need some advice on a mobo

By omegafate
Jan 19, 2009
  1. well ive ran in to a problem

    im trying to get my parents audio working

    they have a intel DQ965GF mobo

    intel cedar mill 3.2 ghz

    1 gb ddr2 (2 sticks of 512 pc2 4200)

    asus geforce 7300 gt 512 Mb (cant find exact one cuz its a 128 bit)

    seagate barracuda hd

    well it has IDT audio driver and such

    i keep up with it as best as possible

    the driver wouldnt differentiate between headset and speakers

    so i uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers twice

    the 3rd time i did it i clean out the registry and it still came back the same way

    well i stuck in a old sound card

    mind u that this card was submersed a while ago and i checked it out and it ran fine in my pc to test it

    then stored it

    well after i stick it in there pc the video quit working so i troubleshooted it and still couldnt get it working and even trying different combinations of theings

    then i was listening to the pc

    the cpu fan was abnormally loud and the hard drive was making a loud vibrating noise

    i then did some things like taking out the video card again and the cpu fan want loud any more but the harddrive was still making the noise

    i then took out the harddrive and tested it in my pc with the ultimate boot disk cd i dled and made

    the seagate tests (both short and long) came back perfect

    now im thinking its the mobo but on the northbridge the lights comes on and the cpu fan is on but theres no video

    im thinking the south bridge might have went by the way-side

    after all this do u guys think its possible for the southbridge to actually go out on a mobo???

    i just wanna see wat your guys thought are on this one are???
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