need the name of a painting

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May 6, 2006
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  1. i know that has nothing to do with computers but if any one knows the answer please tell me.

    there is a painting of the Head of Medusa in the Royal Uffizi Gallery in Florence, usually attributed to Leonardo. What is its catalogue number in the 1890 catalogue of the museum?
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    January 7th 2003:
    Restored Medusa returns to Uffizi Caravaggio’s Head of Medusa has returned to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence after undergoing restoration for almost ten years and at a cost of £70,000. The image, painted on canvas mounted on a convex shield, was commissioned by Cardinal Francesco Maria del Monte, Caravaggio’s patron in Rome, and ambassador to the Pope for the Medici family. It is thought that the Head could have been based on a real person who was beheaded whilst Caravaggio was in Rome. (December 4th)


    Click the pic
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    wow, looks a bit like my mother :eek: :D :D
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    he he he he
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    That doesn't mean you shouldn't title your thread in a descriptive manner. (re)Read the forum guidelines before posting again.
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    Why not contact (email) them and ask?

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