Need to install a windows on a External hard disk

By John MM
Nov 8, 2011
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  1. Hello i am new to the forum.
    I would like some help on how to install a windows on a external hard disk.
    My internal hard disk is broken and i can't afford a new one just now.
    I would prefer a OS like windows seven.
    And i have tryed a one method that basicly make the hard drive boot but it only work like a cd i still a get a error saying i can't install windows seven trough a usb drive.
    Can't some one give a some help please.
  2. BeastMode 17

    BeastMode 17 TS Rookie

    External HDD

    I've researched it and what I think that you need to do is this reboot your PC go into the BIOS settings then under boot options, then see if there is an option to make your computer search for the external HDD itself. If that works proceed with the install if not I'm going to keep doing some research.

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