Need to turn off TV-Out function

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Dec 14, 2004
  1. So how do I do it? I have been unable to locate anything on my computer that would let me turn it off, and every guide I've searched for on the Internet was unable to solve my problem. This is really annoying because I'm am completely unable to watch DVDs on my laptop without getting an error telling me to turn off the TV-Out port. Any help would be really appreciated.
  2. Nodsu

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    What error? From where?

    TV-Out is disabled automatically when no TV is detected at the other end.
  3. DPrime386

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    I get this error when I try to play a DVD with Windows Media Player:

    "C00D1163: A problem occurred with digital copyright protection"

    When I try to play use PowerDVD, that's when I get the message telling me that my TV-Out function is on.
  4. Nodsu

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    Apparently PowerDVD does not play copy protected DVDs when TV-Out is enabled. And also, PDVD is unable to detect properly whether you are using the TV-Out or not. You could try with the latest video drivers or by using the TV-Out (connect a TV) and then disabling the TV output in Windows.
  5. rutherford

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    tv out function

    What does this mean???? Would you please elaborate the steps for those of us who are less software/hardware literate. I can't play any of my Japanese language DVDs because they're all copyright protected. I keep receiving the same message-TV out enabled.

  6. Tweak420

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    It kinda depends what kinda card powers the laptop ATI or someone else. Before you update those drivers you need to know what kinda video card you have. to check right-click on desktop and choose properties, and at the top of the screen that pops up click on the settings tab. On this screen just under the picture of a monitor it should say

    "Display: Default monitor on __________ "

    the blank part is where it would say your video card.
    From there you can actually click settings towards the bottom, then click on the adapter tab at the top to see more details on your card. One other spot it would be is in the device manager.

    Post what kinda video card you have after doing all that and me or someone else will try to help you find the TV out setting to disable it.
  7. recliner

    recliner TS Rookie

    tv output

    Hi everyone I'm a newbie i know I will learn alot here. Thanks.
    i have same problem as other posters regarding tv output function when watching dvds with powerpoint 7. How do you disable this function?
    My video card is Geforce FX Go5700. Should I download latest version? If I should what might that be?
    Thanks Terp
  8. discotec

    discotec TS Rookie

    I'ave got a new Asus Z53E series laptop, with asusdvd player (willn't play on window player, as well) , which comes up with Error F4FD41436-- "The TV out port of your display is not working properly."--- click details-- "This copy protected disc can not played when the TV out function is enabled."

    Anyone know how this (tv outport) would /could be disabled on this laptop??
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